Nexters is the big society network’s programme to support the UK’s best social technology entrepreneurs.

Backed by foundations, philanthropists, businesses and social investors, the programme provides finance, mentoring and business development support for entrepreneurs who are building scalable, high impact, sustainable businesses. We have supported over 45 enterprises as Nexters. All our Nexters are developing wholly new ways to enable people to either give – time, expertise, money – or engage – democratically, with public services and civil society. All are using networked technologies – Web, mobile or games – to ensure that their services can scale for maximum impact and be accessible to everyone in the UK.

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    • Alison Baum small

      Alison Baum

      CEO - Best Beginnings

      Best Beginnings is a charity dedicated to ending child health inequalities in the UK. We are committed to giving every baby the healthiest possible start in life. Our vision is a future in which all c... read more

    • Alun Baker small

      Alun Baker

      Founder - WYGU

      WYGU (When You Grow Up) is the world’s most advanced network for career guidance, development and mentoring that helps you find your perfect career, or help others with theirs. Whether you’re look... read more

    • IMG_0235 square

      Andres Fonseca

      Founder - Virtually Free

      Virtually Free develops therapy-based mobile applications. We use gamification and serious games to enable individuals with mental and emotional health difficulties to help themselves overcome those i... read more

    • Ben Weston small

      Ben Weston

      Director - Your Forum

      ‘It’s time to Neighbourhood Plan’ enables its community members to interact with a map of their Town, District, Borough or City and make decisions on and ask questions about buildings, services ... read more

    • Benita Matofska 100x100

      Benita Matofska

      Founder - The People Who Share

      People Who Share will act as a sustainable stock exchange for the ‘sharing services’ sector by building a global marketplace of sharing which includes car sharing, peer to peer rental, redistribut... read more

    • Chris Gourley 100x100

      Chris Gourlay

      CEO - Spacehive

      Spacehive is an online platform that enables communities to fund neighbourhood improvement projects - from new playgrounds, parks and ping pong tables to communal BBQs and wildlife reserves. The syste... read more

    • Christopher Sutton

      - Founder- Easy Ear Training

      Easy Ear Training is a music education technology company, established to take the hard work out of learning music and help more people enjoy the lifelong benefits of musicianship. Easy Ear Training w... read more

    • David Erasmus

      David Erasmus

      Founder - Givey

      Givey gives everyone in the UK the opportunity to donate to *any UK Charity, Tax efficiently without the hassle of conventional methods, using SMS, Social networking sites or even through Givey widget... read more

    • Diane Shawe

      CEO - The Academy of Vocational and Professional Training

      The Academy of Vocational and Professional Training has launched a sophisticated LMS solution were the user interface is clean, clear, accessible, and easy to understand. Accessible from a variety o... read more

    • Ed Baker small

      Ed Baker

      CEO, Founder - Education Games Network

      From tablet games to browser-based learning platforms, Education Games Network builds next-generation social learning tools that teach kids the things they need to be successful in their lives. EGN ha... read more

    • Ewan Marshall

      - Founder - Speakset

      Speakset is a videocalling product designed to solve the problem of loneliness in old age. SpeakSet connects older people to their friends, families, carers and healthcare professionals. By interac... read more

    • Frédéric Kastner

      - Fuse School

      Fuse School is a Global Education Initiative created by the eLearning business Fusion Universal and aimed at making secondary education accessible to underprivileged learners around the world. For eac... read more

    • Henry Warren small

      Henry Warren

      Founder - Cribbd

      As well as aggregating learning resources for UK pupils, Cribbd helps to simply display the contents of any syllabus and provides a personalized review of pupils’ progress. The learning resources ar... read more

    • Iris Small 100x100

      Iris Lapinski

      CEO - CDI Europe/Apps for Good

      Apps for Good is a programme where young people learn to identify small and big problems in their lives and communities which they can start tackling through apps. read more

    • Jude Ower small

      Jude Ower

      CEO, Founder - PlayMob

      Did you know, 3 billion hours per week are spent playing games? Can you imagine if 1p from every hour was raised to donate to a good cause? Game play would be time well spent! At PlayMob, we have crea... read more

    • Kat Jackman square

      Kat Jackman

      - Unsigned Band Review

      Unsigned Band Review is a digital social enterprise that connects artists with credible music industry people and organisations to help artists get useful feedback so that they can develop and improve... read more

    • Kelly Klein square

      Kelly Klein

      Founder - Student @ Home

      Student@Home is an IT support service that creates employment opportunities for IT students by connecting them with home computer users in need of support. Student@Home’s vision is to become a leadi... read more

    • IMG_75761

      Lee Cannon

      Founder - fairsharemusic is a music download store where users can make a direct social impact simply by downloading music.  Visitors to the store can browse and preview a catalogue of over 22 million tra... read more

    • Lee Hazzard small

      Lee Hazzard

      Founder - Fused Education

      Fused Education specialises in creating online platforms and mobile applications for companies assisting 16-24 year olds in the areas of money management, employment and business start up.   Fuse... read more

    • Martyn SIbley small

      Martyn Sibley

      Managing Director - Sunnier Days Ltd

      Sunnier Days mission is to inspire, inform and change the world on disability issues through online community and technology. With influential magazine, elearning projects, ... read more

    • Michelle and Sam 100x100

      Michelle Clothier and Sam Conniff

      - somewhereto_

      Somewhereto_ is a nationwide project that gives 16 to 25 year olds support to access the spaces they need to do the things they love doing within sport, culture and the arts. The programme aims to ins... read more

    • Paul Skinner small

      Paul Skinner

      Founder - Pimp My Cause

      Pimp My Cause connects charities and social ventures with top marketers who can provide transformational input pro bono through an online matching service, a curated knowledge-environment and interact... read more

    • Peter and Richard 100x100

      Peter Thomond and Richard Raynes

      Founders - SportInspired

      SportInspired is a social enterprise that has pioneered Community Games- fun, festivallike, multi-sport competition that is designed and managed in part or in its entirety by local people to enhance o... read more

    • Rajeeb Day

      - Enternships

      Enternships offers ambitious and dynamic students and graduates an opportunity to learn about business and enterprise through work placements in start-ups and small businesses worldwide. read more

    • b&w square

      Sanderson Jones

      Founder - Sunday Assembly

      The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that meets on the first Sunday of every month to hear great talks, sing songs and generally celebrate the wonder of life. It’s a service for anyone who ... read more

    • Sharon Cook small

      Sharon Cook

      Founder - My Mates Rates

      We support local businesses by providing a platform for them to promote ’Mates Rates’ to win new customers and get them to spend locally! We help local people as we have an option for them to buy ... read more

    • Shireen Irani small

      Shireen Irani

      Director - i-Probono

      i-Probono is an online network that connects organisations in need of legal assistance with lawyers and student who want to use their skills for the public good. The network’s global outreach en... read more

    • Simon Gordon small

      Simon Gordon

      Chairman - Facewatch

      Facewatch is the first online crime reporting and communications system using social media and mobile tools to enable the public, businesses and the police to work together to beat low level crime. Fa... read more

    • Thomas Sweetman small

      Thomas Sweetman

      Director - Stickyboard

      A Social Enterprise aimed at bringing communities together. Acting as a Facebook for communities, Stickyboard provides each borough with their own online community noticeboard where people can share, ... read more

    • Tom Latchford 100x100

      Tom Latchford

      Founder - Raising IT

      Raising IT is a social media platform for charities to enable them to raise more funds, cut costs and engage more volunteers. Raising IT aims to provide an affordable and advancing social platform for... read more

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